Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silly misunderstanding

We had a ward conference the other day at church and Ellie was being kind of loud; we had stake people all around us so I had her sit on my lap and decided to teach her a little about the sacrament so she would stop talking. I told her that Jesus has a body and pointed to her belly and told her that was her body. She responded not very quietly by saying "that not my body, that my belly. These are my shoulders, my arms, my head, my toes, my legs" I told her all those things make her body then said that we eat the bread to remember that Jesus has a body. Elliette looked at me very concerned and again very loudly said "we eat Jesus' body?" I just laughed and shook my head no. When the bread came around she picked up a piece and looked at it weirdly saying "Jesus' body?" then she ate it. When it was time for the water I just told her it was to remember Jesus. Silly kid.


Britany said...

haha! She just keeps getting more awesome.

Brittney said...

NO WAY!!! So funny- should I not think that is funny? Cause I do! But it totally makes sense why she would think that. But so cute of her. Your a good mom to try and explain it, I would have just sat there not knowing what to say!

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