Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Silly misunderstanding

We had a ward conference the other day at church and Ellie was being kind of loud; we had stake people all around us so I had her sit on my lap and decided to teach her a little about the sacrament so she would stop talking. I told her that Jesus has a body and pointed to her belly and told her that was her body. She responded not very quietly by saying "that not my body, that my belly. These are my shoulders, my arms, my head, my toes, my legs" I told her all those things make her body then said that we eat the bread to remember that Jesus has a body. Elliette looked at me very concerned and again very loudly said "we eat Jesus' body?" I just laughed and shook my head no. When the bread came around she picked up a piece and looked at it weirdly saying "Jesus' body?" then she ate it. When it was time for the water I just told her it was to remember Jesus. Silly kid.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Brooks shout out!!!

So a HUGE shout out to our friend Adam who just got an internship in California working for the animation department of DISNEY!!! Apparently there is a good chance of hire at the end which is so cool and we wish him all the luck (not that he needs it, he is talented). When you guys move out there you better get a place big enough for us to come visit, thats all I'm saying. Have fun.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pre Valentines Princess Party

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It has been a while since Ellie has had a chance to play with her cute little friends so we invited the girls over for a little princess party. She had so much fun helping me get ready for her party making cupcakes, filling gift bags, and making name tags for the bags. The older girls got to make party hats, cereal necklaces, decorate cupcakes, and play outside with their bubbles they got in their party bags while the little kids played with some toys in the living room. It was a blast! She is already asking me about having more parties.

Temple Square Lights

Justin's parents were in town after Christmas so we were able to meet up with them and Toph and Blaire in SLC (my sis-in-law Kim made their hats, cute huh!)

Christmas Eve and Christmas morning

On Christmas Eve my family gets together with the Mairs and have a little get together where Santa comes. This year while waiting for Santa we played minute to win it games and had a lot of fun. That night the girls also got a gift from Santa left at the door with their PJ's and a Mickey Mouse Christmas movie, they wrote their letters to Santa, read the night before Christmas and Ellie had a sleep over with Beanie so that they wouldn't see anything Santa brought in the morning until we were all ready.

Christmas morning was AWESOME and the girls were so cute with their excitement. They wanted balloons so we got them each a bundle of 5 and I think that was what they were most excited for out of everything (side note, it is now been a full month since Christmas and 5 balloons are still flying high).

Christmas crafts and snow fun

We made Santa hats out of red cardstock and the girls glued cotton balls on.
We also made sugar cookies where Cami fit herself into a cake pan while Ellie and I baked the cookies (she loves to squish herself into small things like pans and shoe boxes for some weird reason) and then she frosted my cheek while Ellie actually frosted the cookies, it was fun.
We also make gingerbread houses which is impossible not to love when you are a young kid and are gluing candy onto cookies with frosting, it was a mess and they were hyped up on sugar but overall it was worth it.
Ellie also loves playing in the snow, Cami, well it depends on the day.

Dear Santa ...

"I want presents, Cami likes toys" That is what Ellie told Santa when she was able to sit on his lap this year. She was very excited to see Santa and tell him what she wanted, I guess she just wanted it all since she was so vague.
Ellie really wanted to hold the soldiers hand after sitting on Santa's lap, then we made it over to Blickenstaffs toy store which was a huge hit.